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Offer Real Estate Assistance Benefits to your Workplace

Do you want to be a superstar to your company and its employees?

You take care of your employees with sick pay, vacation, health care, vision, dental, 401k, etc. and all these items are provided at-cost. But do you provide a Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP)? This is a valuable, no-cost, voluntary benefits program that you can offer today.

The American Dream never gets old. Generation after generation, people desire to be homeowners. Homeownership provides stability not only for the individual or the family, but surprisingly, their place of employment as well.* Did you know that homeowners are less likely to job hop, call in sick or miss work for unexplained reasons?**

We offer a suite of on-line tools and educational resources to assist when your employee or coworker needs to buy, sell, or finance one of their most valuable assets… real estate.

Any business that possesses a valid U.S. business license and a roster of at least 25 active employees is eligible to request enrollment. This program is a superb member benefit too…any valid U.S. Club, School District, Hospital, Union and Association is also welcome.

* Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing      ** Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)