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The Three Cs of Mortgage Lending

When scouts search for new baseball players, they look for qualities that match their goals and budget for the team. Likewise mortgage lenders look for certain qualities in their borrowers. These qualities determine the risk level of a borrower and the resulting rate and cost of a home mortgage loan. In the world of home loans these are called the three Cs of mortgage lending.


  • Your credit scoreCredit Scores
  • Your repayment history
  • Age of credit lines, and requests for new credit
  • Length of time at your job


  • Your level of debt compared to your income
  • Cash Reserves
  • Number of borrowers
  • Characteristics of the loan program chosen


  • Borrower’s down payment
  • Property type
  • Property use

This list is not comprehensive. It is a good base to start and help you prepare to get the best loan, and the best cost loan.

Neal Eifling

Joshua Hardwick